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Delta Hydrocarbon has been a leading manufacturer & supplier of Optical Brightening Agents for Detergent, Paper and Textile Industries in Ahmedabad, India since 1972. From the very beginning we have concentrated on efforts in satisfying our global client needs and have become pioneers in developing a variety of products including the entire range of Optical Brightening agents for Detergent, Paper and Textile Industries. 

Our capabilities extend to the manufacture of high-value, specialty products either based on our own end products or developed especially for our suppliers.

Optical Brightening Agent & Optical Whitener from Delta Hydrocarbon

The organization has materialized with its dedication and commitment to provide high quality products and services to its client and has become one of the significant players in its area of operation of manufacturing quality brighteners and whiteners. The exceptional growth has been potential for the variety and quality of its products which are now being marketed to multinational detergent producers, paper mills and textile Industries globally.


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